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Where is Your Sweet Spot on the Market?

The concept of positioning has been around since 1969, when Jack Trout and Al Ries mentioned it for the first time in their book “Positioning – The Battle for your Mind.” A lot has changed since then. The market has never been as dynamic as it is right now. And there is no end in sight, with virtual reality on the verge of going mainstream and 3D projected to experience double-digit growth worldwide until 2020. Needless to say, social media has an enormous impact on our decision-making process.


How to Make Any Training More Sustainable

Developing skills takes time, forming a new habit will take you 21 days. Having newly acquired your skills, you are full of energy and ready to run the extra mile. But you are not alone, and your actions have an impact on others in your peer group, your family, or your friends.


Global vs. local business

So you are planning to enter a new geographical market. Let’s say it is the Turkish market, since it was a great example in one of my interim management get together. How would you proceed?

Imparting knowledge to managers

Today I presented my portfolio to one of the training institutes in Hamburg. Being in this industry for the past 10 years, it still strikes me that executive training and development is like a black box.


International business

We want to go international. A simple sentence but it comprises much more we could even think of when actually starting to offer our proposition to an international audience.

Executive education

Istanbul is a great hub for businesses from the Middle East. It is on the threshold to Europe melting tradition and innovation.


Collaboration methods

The project at hand was embedded in a company wide strategy transformation process. I was assigned to this project for more than 5 months.


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