Where is your sweetspot on the market?

Where is Your Sweet Spot on the Market?

The market has never been as dynamic as it is right now. And there is no end in sight, with virtual reality on the verge of going mainstream and 3D projected to experience double-digit growth worldwide until 2020. Needless to say, social media has an enormous impact on our decision-making process.

How to Make Any Training More Sustainable

How to Make Any Training More Sustainable

Learning new habits doesn’t happen overnight. Typically, it takes 21 days for a change in our habits to become ingrained. You have acquired new skills and are now approaching their implementation with enthusiasm. However, you are not alone. Your actions influence others in your peer group, family, and friends.

Global vs. local business

Global vs. local business

You want to expand geographically. Let’s assume it’s going to be in Turkey. This country was recently used as a good example in one of my management meetings. How would you proceed?

imparting knowledge to managers

Imparting knowledge to managers

Today, I presented my program to an education institution based in Hamburg. Although I have been working in the industry for ten years now, it still astonishes me that the development and further training of executives remains a mystery to many.

Grow your business

International business

We want to internationalize our business. This sentence sounds so simple, yet it encompasses so much more than we can imagine when we actually reach the point of making our offering accessible to an international audience

Executive Education

Executive Education

For companies from the Middle East, Turkey is the perfect starting point. Located at the gates of Europe, where tradition and innovation intersect.

collaboration methods

Collaboration Methods

The current project has been integrated into a company-wide strategic realignment process. I have been managing this project for over five months