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This is how I help you release new products and market them successfully:

Online Trainings und Seminare für Unternehmen mit Serpil Uensal


My training combines a balanced mixture of methods with a variety of formats that are applied in a targeted manner.

Participants learn in an interactive way how to develop their own solutions to current challenges and use the workshop to gain practical experience for more effective collaboration.

I see myself as an initiator. Edutainment is the key to my success: In-depth knowledge is a requirement, but fun and good humor are as well.



Serpil Uensal Produktmanagement Online-Training


I provide my training, workshops, and seminars either digitally or in person and on-site, nationally or internationally.

For international teams, I also provide my training seminars in the English language with excellent presentation and moderation skills at a native-speaker level.

As a certified online trainer, I coach teams digitally using Adobe Connect, Vitero, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Miro. You can decide!


Interaktives Produktmanagement-Training Serpil Uensal



With tried-and-true strategies and a clear roadmap, you can achieve tangible results right away.

My training is oriented towards your individual needs, so we develop a clear action plan for your company, enabling you to systematically introduce new products and market them successfully.

You integrate sustainable product management into your company so that you can reach your company goals more effectively, consistently, and successfully.

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Serpil Uensal

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Serpil Uensal Trainerin, Coach, Speakerin
I help you integrate sustainable innovation structures into your company.

Serpil Uensal

Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach

3 easy steps to start our collaboration:

Step 1 - Inquiry

To prepare for our talk, I’ll need some information from you first. After sending your request, we’ll arrange an appointment for a short phone call.

Step 2 - Call

I’d like to get to know you and find out what your current challenges are and what goals you are pursuing. In a short call, together we’ll find out if and how I can best support your company. Then we can arrange an appointment for a more in-depth meeting.

Step 3 - First Meeting

At our meeting, you’ll receive a uniquely designed strategy that is tailored to the needs of your company. This strategy will outline how I can best help you achieve your company’s goals more effectively and consistently. Then we can decide if and how we will work together.

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Your Benefit


Unified market orientation
Competitive advantage from professional market cultivation
Optimized product management processes


Practically apply the methods and instruments of B2B product management
Strengthen awareness of the mechanisms of product management
Directly support the individual needs of participants


Higher customer satisfaction with products/solutions that meet market demands
Increase their own profit/benefit by working together with your company

For more power to innovate and more excited customers

Success as a medium-sized business does not depend on luck or chance. The difference between satisfying customers and exciting them is just as decisive a factor for success as the uniqueness of the products and good marketing. For over 20 years, I have been helping medium-sized companies make themselves more professional, agile, and adaptable. From my experience, I know that medium-sized companies can successfully put innovations on the market when they have a targeted strategy and use proven instruments.

I help you approach the future of your company with a plan and a strategy.

Contact me today to arrange your free and non-binding initial consultation. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Serpil Uensal Trainerin, Coach, Speakerin

Benefit from my Expertise

I help you integrate product management into your company conceptually, measurably, and successfully.