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Your Benefits


Unified market orientation
Competitive advantage from professional market cultivation
Optimized product management processes


Practically apply the methods and instruments of B2B product management
Strengthen awareness of the mechanisms of product management
Directly support the individual needs of participants


Higher customer satisfaction with products/solutions that meet market demands
Increase their own profit/benefit by working together with your company

What My Participants Say

Ms. Uensal left a sustainable mark in our organization

Even several years later, Ms. Uensal’s fingerprints can still be seen within our organization. She played an integral role in turning our product management into a cradle of innovation.
Michael Silbernagl
Executive, OPED GmbH

We successfully implemented learnings into our daily business

Our in-house product management seminar with Ms. Uensal was a complete success. Ms. Uensal created a wide scope for the seminar by using a variety of interesting practical examples. The lessons that we learned, both individually and in groups, have now been put into practice in our daily business.
Nicole Kieser
Head of Marketing Division Diagnostics, Hain Lifescience GmbH

Ms. Uensal is the right trainer to help implement new methods

Ms. Uensal possesses vast and profound knowledge about methods, and she can communicate that know-how clearly. She responds flexibly to the needs of the participants and is capable of adapting the training process appropriately. With Ms. Uensal, you know you have found the right trainer to help you implement new methods in your organization.
Christian Scholz
Head of Digitalization, CIMPA - Business Unit Product Life Cycle Management