Seminars and Training

Seminars & Trainings

Seminars and Training for Skilled Professionals and Managers

When Serpil Uensal goes out to share her knowledge and teach people, entertainment plays a major role. People can’t gain knowledge if they’re not having any fun.

Both in the seminars and in the training sessions, the maximum number of participants is twelve. When she gets requests to go over this limit, Serpil Uensal doesn’t bend: “The quality would deteriorate considerably.” And quality is precisely what matters the most.

Whereas the open seminars take place in hotels throughout Germany, training sessions are carried out directly at the customer’s offices or facilities anywhere in Europe. She gets a wide range of inquiries from abroad, from the North and the South, England and Malta, as well as everything in between, like Switzerland for example.

When conducting her seminars, the main focus is on imparting knowledge. Participants from a variety of companies are put together in the same room. The variety of skills and knowledge they bring from their different fields of business help the participants learn from each other. During training sessions, in contrast, the main focus is on how to apply the knowledge that they have already acquired.

The training sessions and open seminars both follow a similar structure

The participants introduce themselves and bring their own ideas to the table. One time, a participant even made a rather entertaining suggestion for the round of introductions: each person present was supposed to write down one thing about himself or herself that none of the other colleagues knew. As to be expected, this naturally led to lots of laughter. Another time, two participants found out that they had the same taste in music and then made plans to go to a concert together.

After the introductions, there is a 30-minute segment for imparting knowledge. Then the participants are organized into groups, even before the first coffee break. That’s already when the practical work begins. At events hosted by Serpil Uensal, marketing and product-marketing goals always stay in focus.

This process demonstrably helps increase the sustainability of the learning experience.

Optimized Learning with the Right Mix of Methods

Using a balanced combination of both classic and modern learning formats is an important aspect for optimizing training for skilled professionals and managers. A mix of methods – including group work and individual work, exercises for applying the knowledge, practical business cases from participants, best practice examples, and coaching tools – as well as the pedagogical structure of the entire seminar help the participants transfer the content of the training to their own daily business.

This process demonstrably enhances the learning effect in Serpil Uensal’s training and seminars and helps participants sustainably implement what they’ve learned on the long-term.

One of the most important components of her training and seminars is how she combines a diverse range of skill sets with agility.


Wide Spectrum

Serpil Uensal is certified as a trainer by the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct. e.V.) and has already gained wide-ranging experience in advanced training for managers and executives in a variety of fields:

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