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Successful workshops require two main ingredients. On the one hand, they need a clearly defined moderator who can direct the discussion and the handle the group dynamics in this role. On the other hand, they need an impulse-giver who visualizes ideas and results systematically, thereby providing the cornerstone for a sustainable learning.

The ground rules are agreed by consensus within the group and are valid for the duration of the workshop. These rules also apply to the teamwork and they explain how decisions should be made, how to proceed if the team members do not agree, what to do if agreements are not kept, and how to ensure sustainable success in the team.

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Serpil Uensal can assist you by facilitating the process of making complex decisions in larger teams.

This is especially important for companies that want to initiate large-scale changes, as it is the case with change projects in product management and/or marketing. As a moderator, she directs the processes in a way that is oriented towards achieving results and balancing demands. She promotes understanding for the challenges and facilitates the involvement of the individual employees.

Implementing specially selected methods allows her to moderate in a way that focuses on results and targets, even in difficult situations. As a professional, she is confident and assertive when dealing with the staff members. Due to her years of experience, she possesses the intuition required to pull the group back together, even in situations of conflict.


  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing