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Many businesses are focused on just overcoming the daily tasks instead of dealing with business development, and these are the businesses that have the potential to learn the most from Serpil Uensal’s consulting program, gaining knowledge that could be essential to their survival. This knowledge is what guarantees her qualifications as a Business Development Consultant. Business development consulting is a fundamentally a complex matter regarding developing the field of business, but it pays off. On the one hand, it’s true, when products are manufactured and sold, the company can pay their employees, but on the other hand, if the companies are too strongly bound to the production chain and dependent on a few individual clients, they could go into a tailspin when there are delays in payments. Or even worse: if the customer becomes completely insolvent. So, service on demand can sometimes bring a company to the brink of disaster.

Business development is not just a trend or a quick daytrip. It doesn’t deal with the company like a customer, filing the results away to gather dust in a binder. No, it is an ongoing, continuous process. It helps diversify portfolios in ways that make sense, recognize opportunities on the market, get closer to new business models, and provide your company with a stable foundation to build upon. Furthermore, getting an outside perspective from a Business Development Consultant can also sharpen your senses and heighten your awareness. When new competitors push their way into the market, traditional suppliers that have just been hammering away at their daily business for years naturally have a hard time dealing with these high-tech and well-networked start-ups. There are always things that companies can do better, especially in terms of digitalization.

Workshops, training sessions, and consulting are fluid processes

When Serpil Uensal provides her business development consulting to a client, a few months after a workshop they might need some coaching, and, if that is the case, of course Serpil Uensal is ready to help. In particular, if the employees that are involved are having trouble implementing what they learned or what was agreed upon in the workshop. Just having a sparring partner can help in this situation. In order to keep the costs for the company low, the coaching sessions can be conducted online, e.g. using Skype. That way, all the travel costs and effort associated with the coaching session are saved, both for the coach and for those being coached. It’s not uncommon to then have follow-up appointments a few weeks or months later in order to discuss what has been implemented so far, what has been running well, what has caused (or is still causing) problems, and what is the next step.

Workshops, training sessions, and consulting are fluid processes. More than a few times, Serpil Uensal was booked for a training session, but it turned out that her experience and knowledge as a Business Development Consultant was what the client actually needed from this expert. This could involve strategies for going international, for example. If certain products are already being sold on the global market, team leaders in product management are normally focused on diversifying the portfolio. That is exactly the right moment to get new inspiration from external Business Development Consultants like Serpil Uensal.

Serpil Uensal

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Serpil Uensal

Serpil Uensal is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant with over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management, and business development. Her customers include over 100 small and medium-sized businesses, as well as multinational companies.

Serpil Uensal has been active as a trainer and coach for medium-sized companies since 2005. Since then, she has provided more than 20,000 hours of these services to both national and international companies. With her captivating style, she has enthralled over 9,000 participants in her seminars, training sessions, and workshops.

Serpil Uensal is known for her edutainment. She is an animating moderator and a passionate storyteller. She has demonstrated her excellent presentation skills in numerous projects. Local, digital, national, or international: Serpil Uensal understands how to inspire people with her interactive training and how to achieve sustainable results.


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