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There’s an old saying that goes: “He who doesn’t know the destination, can’t find the way.” When the decision is made to get Serpil Uensal on board as a consultant, it means that there will be a lot more decisions to make. At first, there’s the foundation, which means selecting and synchronizing the right tools. Does the company already work with a target card? Which tools are generally used for making decisions? Does the client make use of SWOT analyses in order to weigh both strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What about portfolio analyses? Cost leadership? Balanced scorecard? Is revenue your only key performance indicator or do you also record other relevant KPIs? Or are we starting from scratch so to speak? Is there a possibility to build suitable tools for the company?

The consulting starts where the workshops and training sessions reach the limit of their potential. Coaching involves one-on-one cooperation. Consulting concerns the company. Yet sometimes you can save time by having the experts tip the scales with their knowledge. Often it simply makes more sense to focus on getting to the root cause of the problems rather than tinkering around trying to treat the symptoms.

Expert in Marketing, Product Management & Business Development

Here’s an example from a marketing consulting case: If a company is only getting a 1% response rate from its marketing activities, even though it set a seven-figure budget for it, then in all likelihood there is something going wrong here. The costs that are being generated are just too high. Or, to put it more drastically: they are lighting their money on fire.

Due to her long-term international experience in marketing and sales, Serpil Uensal can help your company deal with the constantly changing market environment. When taking on a consulting project, this specialist in the fields of product management, marketing, and business development quickly immerses herself in the client’s field of business, identifies individual requirements, facilitates cooperative efforts to find solutions, and, in result, provides potential action plans that are solution oriented. If requested, Serpil Uensal can also assist you and your company with the further process of implementing the resulting measures in your company’s product management, marketing, or business development.

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