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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speeches

Serpil Uensal has been booked as a keynote speaker or lecturer for conventions, conferences, economic forums, and at chambers of commerce.

As a keynote speaker and lecturer, Serpil Uensal is specialized in the topics of marketing, product management, and business development. When holding a keynote speech, she draws upon her expertise and long-term experience working with small businesses and multinational corporations.

When a company is interested in booking Serpil Uensal as a keynote speaker on the topic of marketing, the expert first requires them to brief her on the following topics and questions: What is the occasion for the speech? Is there going to be a forum where certain topics are to be discussed broadly? Or is it a more specific company event? Which groups of people are coming together? Furthermore, what are the client’s expectations for the event and for the keynote speaker?

Serpil Uensal takes note of all these requirements and combines them into an entertaining short segment in the context of her marketing talk. The signals that then come up later while holding the keynote speech make the audience think deeply, enlighten them, make them smile, give them energy. These kinds of reactions and feedback are what truly make a good speaker. There’s only one reaction that you will never see at one of Serpil Uensal’s speeches: no reaction. The same way that you cannot not communicate, you cannot not react.