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Product Management Seminars and Training

The Rise and Fall of Product Management

Numerous medium-sized companies have had extremely good results over the last decades. However, many of them were miles away from being truly equipped with professional product management, let alone offering the right seminars on this topic for their employees. These companies generally grow according to market demand, which works like this: Customers describe their requirements and the vendors react to them. Their product development department creates the products, refines them, adapts them. So, when the client has new ideas about what they want, the vendor is determined to provide good service and implement those changes. In most cases, there’s no time left over for training and educating the employees about product management in a targeted way.

But then what happens? Suddenly the business collapses. Customers ramp down their order volume, the sales team comes back from acquisition meetings empty handed more frequently. People shake their heads perplexed, shrug their shoulders. Apparently, times have changed. New technology and the interconnectedness between customers and service-providers lead to rapid developments. Those who don’t keep up with product management (often) lose out in the long run.

Product Management Seminars: Over to you, please, Ms. Uensal 

So, now what? This is where Serpil Uensal takes over. If you took everyone who participated in one of her seminars or training sessions in the last decade and wanted to fly them to the same destination, then seven of the largest commercial airliners in the world (A380s) wouldn’t be enough. Serpil Uensal has been dealing with the topic of product management for two decades.


Product Management Seminars


She says: “It’s not enough just to develop products without maintaining a strong connection to the target group. Nowadays, that’s more important than ever.”


Product Management and Product Development are Changing

Instead of rushing to push products onto the market under high pressure, first it is absolutely necessary to gain knowledge about the users, to analyze this data, and only to start production after that. This is where Serpil Uensal’s services can help: by providing professional training and product management seminars that are individually tailored to the client’s needs.

In order to identify the user’s needs, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective. This is what’s called creating a “buyer persona.” These are fictive characters that are representative for the target group. They get a face and a name. They are given characteristics that stand for certain user groups: fears, concerns, but also common preferences. In Serpil Uensal’s product management seminars, these buyer personas are developed and analyzed together in cooperation with the participants. That helps keep the seminar closely oriented towards the daily business reality and the customer environment of the participants or their employers. By placing the user of your own products right before your eyes, you can improve your product development and then produce drastically different and better results. Including the target customer in the development of new products is a logical step to secure your company’s existence on the market.

That way, not only can your product management department react faster and more professionally, but it can also work in a more agile way and become more adaptable. With the right commitment and effective implementation of product management training from and with Serpil Uensal, the dark days of sales stagnation will be a thing of the past. Say “goodbye” to “just enough to get by” and say “hello” to sustainable revenue solutions.

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