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Serpil Uensal: Marketing Expert for Your Keynote Speech

Marketing: All Pulling Together in the Same Direction and Speaking the Same Language

“Speaking the same language” – It’s not just immensely important for a keynote speaker. When a medium-sized company wants to assert itself on the global market, it is extremely important for it to position itself internationally in the appropriate way. This also involves internal marketing, because global players also need international team members, or, in other words: employees from other European countries (or other continents) that want to be brought onboard and along for the ride. You shouldn’t underestimate this: there are a lot of medium-sized German companies that are “hidden champions,” i.e. worldwide market leaders in their respective niches. Especially with this background, the communication should be conducted on a high level. Language barriers have to be eliminated. What is needed in this case is not just any run-of-the-mill keynote speaker, but someone who truly fits the profile and knows exactly what she is talking about. There is nothing easier than that for the experienced and accomplished keynote speaker Serpil Uensal.

Flexibility Included: Bilingual in German and English

Different situation, same result: If a medical technology company wants to attract genetic engineers or biologists from abroad, then they have to ensure that all the communication coming from their HR department is also sent out in English.

Have we piqued your interest in booking Serpil Uensal as a keynote speaker in your business? Then get in contact with us! We will gladly take the time for you and work together with you to plan an exciting and captivating keynote speech for your company and employees.

By the way, there is surely a wide selection of speakers available. But in addition to the content and expertise, the personality has to be a good fit, otherwise the speaker will never reach the audience effectively. Give Serpil Uensal the chance to convince you and you’ll be thrilled with the results!