Coachings for Skilled Professionals and Managers

What actually is coaching?

Coaching helps you channel your skills. It helps you apply your resources and skills when dealing with new situations. As a coach, Serpil Uensal supports her clients in defining and achieving their own personal goals. During the coaching process, you not only learn, but also develop yourself on your own, so you are capable of choosing and taking the next steps independently.

Which questions are normally on the coaching agenda?

What beliefs systems or dogmas are you confronted with and what are their root causes? For example, if a graphic designer calls himself a pixel-pusher, it may seem like a harmless statement at first, but it could be holding him back by setting too harrow limits for himself. We have to work with the assumption that the person receiving the coaching already possesses all of the resources that are necessary for change.

Signs of Successful Coaching:

  1. Your problem-solving skills are enhanced
  2. Your capacity for self-reflection is developed further
  3. You can overcome critical situations confidently
  4. Your interactions with co-workers and team-members have improved

The Benefits of Coaching for Employees

Coaching can also assist with change processes. By asking targeted questions and providing support, the coach enables you to expand your perspective and activate “self-healing powers” so that you are capable of finding your own solutions.

The Benefit of Coaching for Management

By changing your perspective, you also change the way you perceive things. Managers suddenly find themselves together with a reflective, self-confident, constructive conversation partner. This helps generate new ideas and energy, and the cooperation improves dramatically.

Are you interested in receiving coaching in the fields of marketing or business development, either for yourself or your employees? Do you too want to profit from Serpil Uensal’s expertise and long-term experience as a coach?

Feel free to get in touch with us and together we will come up with a concept for the coaching process that is tailored to your individual needs.

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