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New Impulses for Your Business Development

When it comes to the topic of business development, as well as customer acquisition, there are always a number of questions floating around:

How can we win over customers with our new products? How can we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? How do we approach the topic of business development and how can we expand it? How can we evaluate the market potential and how can we ultimately take advantage of that potential?

What about robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT)? What opportunities arise with the use of cloud solutions? How can we profit from using new approaches?

What else is included in the field of business development? It involves any kind of opportunity for the company to grow. The goal always has to be to create long-term value for the organization, its customers, markets, and business relationships.

New business means new products, new customers, new channels, new markets, new fields of business, and even new business models.

Whether you book a keynote speech, coaching, training, or consulting, before it really gets started, we start with a needs analysis. When asked what the occasion is, customers often answer that they have noticed “changes in the market.” For example: “We are seeing an increasing number customer demands for which we have no immediate answers.” If there is a lack of specialized solutions or an elevated demand for comprehensive solutions, and these issues cannot be addressed ad hoc, some players on the market begin to stumble.

“Ms. Uensal, show us how we can be proactive.”

When the competitors are always faster and more aggressive than your own company, and you are always stuck playing catch-up, it’s not just unsatisfactory, it also endangers the company’s stability and even its existence in the long run. That’s why there is an increasing willingness to embrace change. What is then needed is a change process. This process describes how to get back your ability to act independently. The most important goals of this process are to awaken from your slumber, become a pioneer again, dare to take a risk, and, above all, to really wow your customers. Going down this road takes a lot of effort and often it can be risky, because you have to go off the beaten path. But it is worth the effort.

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Instruments for a Trip to the Future

Preparing for business development has to involve thorough planning, because any company that wants to ensure long-term success cannot avoid working systematically. Developing and trying out things off the cuff is one thing, analyzing data and drawing conclusions is another. Identify trends on the market and integrate this knowledge into the organization, create structures and a framework in order to make space for innovation. Speak the same language. React faster. Swear off perfectionism. Plan the market entry with a concise message. Motivate the target group to engage with the topic, deliver strong arguments and offer a USP or bundle of benefits. Work with the resources available. Don’t necessarily keep developing everything yourself. And above all, there is one thing of paramount importance for business development: be aware of your own values and live these values throughout every aspect of your organization.

One way to ensure a promising start to this kind of process is to hire a skilled expert to give a keynote speech. Someone who can speak about business development as well as innovation. A good speaker, however, is not just someone who simply delivers information to the audience. When the presentation is to serve as the start of an entire business development process, it can’t simply take them along for the ride, it has to sweep them off their feet. Change requires courage and there also needs to be a groundswell of support from those who are involved in it. Turning the people who are affected by change into active stakeholders in the change process – Serpil Uensal is the best choice for these kinds of presentations.

Get in touch with us, we will gladly consult you, starting with the first keynote speech and supporting you all the way through the entire process.

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Serpil Uensal is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant with over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management, and business development. Her customers include over 100 small and medium-sized businesses, as well as multinational companies.

Serpil Uensal has been active as a trainer and coach for medium-sized companies since 2005. Since then, she has provided more than 20,000 hours of these services to both national and international companies. With her captivating style, she has enthralled over 9,000 participants in her seminars, training sessions, and workshops.

Serpil Uensal is known for her edutainment. She is an animating moderator and a passionate storyteller. She has demonstrated her excellent presentation skills in numerous projects. Local, digital, national, or international: Serpil Uensal understands how to inspire people with her interactive training and how to achieve sustainable results.


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