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Marketing Workshops: The Recipe for Success

The Recipe for Success

In short: In a marketing workshop, dynamic processes and complex decisions are worked through together as a group in order to forge strong teams and build a solid foundation for team success in marketing. But, of course, marketing workshops are still much more than that. This form of professional education and development is not only about improving your marketing on the long-term and acquiring new expertise; it also involves finding new approaches to solving problems and providing new food for thought. Some potential questions or purpose statements for targeted marketing workshops could be, for example: How can the company remain flexible but also goal-oriented at the same time? What is the playbook for the months ahead and how can conflicts be prevented? Serpil Uensal’s marketing workshops are not just your average, run-of-the-mill training course. They deal with specific, current, real-world challenges in your business.   

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The Future is Now

Since all activity on the internet can be tracked, measured, analyzed, and optimized, data is the new gold. Yet far too many medium-sized companies are still working with analogue tools and missing the opportunities that their competitors have long been using to their advantage. Long-term optimization, investments in developing your existing employees, storytelling; the entire 360° perspective on what is pushing the industry forward, how to use social media right, and the question: “Can we channel the attention from current events towards our own communication?” Those are all factors that should be taken into consideration during a marketing workshop in order to produce results that actually bring you a major step forward.

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