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Executive Education

Istanbul is a great hub for businesses from the Middle East. It is on the threshold to Europe – melting tradition and innovation.

For those who are used to Istanbul during the summer time the late afternoons and the evenings are just about the right time to hit the streets. Before that with 36 ° degree and more only air-conditioned rooms will prevent you from melting away. Within a couple of days I visited institutions, which have dedicated executive programs. I have contacted the director of one of these programs via LinkedIn and it was a pleasure to meet her at short notice. We spent more than an hour discussing the international expansion strategies of this institution.

Benefit from my Expertise

I help you integrate a more more adaptable and successful marketing with targeted strategies and effective instruments. Sustainably integrate dynamic marketing in your company and reach not only more, but the right customers. Are you prepared to make your marketing more professional, agile and adaptable?

Serpil Uensal Trainerin & Coach
25. October 2014